Writers & web friends who are also walking that twisty path of professional writing.

Jim Bailey

Jimbo is an absolute gem, a very talented writer, and an impressive head for business.

Amy Sterling Casil

Talented writer, Clarion grad, & new friend who's very sweet & has a great sense of humor

David Coe

Wonderful, witty novelist who's a blast to hang out with. Check out David's books from Tor!

Ron Collins

What can I say?  Awesome writer, excellent critiquer, one of my best buddies.  He's got it all, including his brilliant and witty wife, Lisa and his bubbly, amazing daughter. Ron and his family have had a great impact on my journey

Linda Dunn

Campbell Nominee, good friend, soon-to-be Clarion grad, &excellent crafter of plot

Lazette Gifford

Fellow cat woman and persistent writer who's making real progress.

Terry Kanago

Clarion grad and fellow Quantum contributor. She's wise and compassionate, a great person!

Mary Soon Lee

Incredibly sweet and talented writer with amazing short fiction credits

Stephen Leigh

An incredibly deep and caring person who writes some powerful fiction! His wife, Denise, is just as sweet, too.  Check out Dark Water's Embrace and The Speaking Stones from AvonEoS.

Vera Nazarian

An incredible woman of many talents: writer, artist, & musician, techie, great friend and maniac :) Check out Vera's beautiful compositions on mp3.com!

Patricia Duffy Novak

Close friend, ag economist, & extremely talented writer who's gonna sell a novel real soon now.  She's seen the magic of orcas, too. : )  And her husband, Jim, and daughter, Sylvia are joys to be around.

Brian Plante

New friend, award-winning writer, regular contributor to Analog, all-around nice guy

Jeff Purvis, M. D.

New doctor, amazing photographer, and SF fan, my brother is one of my dear friends & a big supporter of my writing, even if he is a scumbag : )

Jenn Reese

Clarion grad, anthology mate, and beautiful person . . . and she's writing her first novel!

Kurt Roth

Clarion grad, amazing musician, extraordinary  editor, and incredibly prolific writer with an awesome sense of humor.  Check out his music at mp3.com!

Diana Rowland

New writer and police officer to be who has taught me the value of self and persistence -- and a wicked wit, too! She has proven that we can do anything if we set our minds to it.

Tamela Viglione

Clarion grad, award-winning writer, and all-around sweet person! Her unwavering optimism and contentment with her life are a constant source of inspiration to me.