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Standard Deviations of Writing by Roger McBride Allen

What is a Short Story? by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Writerisms & Other Sins and Strong Versus Weak Characters by  C. J. Cherryh

Plot and World-building by S. Andrew Swann

The Purpose and Structure of Story by Ron Collins

The Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy by Vonda McIntyre

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Tips for the Aspiring Writer by Ben Bova

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Monsters and Inner Sense of Wonder by Lisa Silverthorne

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Book of Secrets by Lisa Silverthorne

Attitudes & Essays by Elizabeth Moon

Submitting Short Fiction by Lisa Silverthorne

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Formatting Your Manuscript by Lisa Silverthorne

Manuscript Preparation Guide by Vonda McIntyre


Dealing With Rejection by Lisa Silverthorne

Patricia Duffy Novak's views on rejection and writing advice

Why Did My Story Get Rejected? by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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Worldbuilder Questions for Fantasy Writers by Patricia C. Wrede

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